Irn Bru 1901 in the Ultimate Iron Brew Hamper

Irn Bru 1901 Hamper

This week, Barr’s released the limited edition Irn Bru 1901 recipe glass bottles.

Supplies really were limited and shelves were emptied almost as soon as the Old & Unimproved Irn Bru hit the shelves with people desperate to get there hands on a bottle. It’s safe to say that there has been demand for a full sugar recipe Irn Bru since Barr’s changed the recipe to comply with the new sugar tax laws a couple of years ago.

But what would be better than a bottle of Irn Bru 1901?

A bottle of Irn Bru 1901 in a hamper full of Iron Brew sweets of course.

That’s why we’ve released a strictly limited, first come first served Ultimate Iron Brew Hamper which includes a limited edition Glass Bottle of Irn Bru 750ml, Iron Brew Pastilles, Iron Brew Macaroon, Iron Brew Humbugs, Iron Brew Bonbons, Iron Brew Rock, Iron Brew Creams, Iron Brew Fizz and finally, Iron Brew Fudge.

This would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves their Irn Bru, especially the old recipe Irn Bru.

These hampers have now sold out. Thank you to everyone who bought one either for a gift or for themselves!

Check out the Scots Classic Hamper which includes a glass bottle of Irn Bru and Iron Brew Bon Bons plus other tasty Scottish treats.

Iron Brew Hamper Irn Bru 1901

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